Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora Word Cloud

Today, Scott Westerfeld posted a Word Cloud of his upcoming book, Goliath. In his words, "Word clouds (made easy by the lovely and clever people at Wordle) are graphic representations of which words appear, and how often, in your novel, blog, or whatever. The words are sized, of course, in relation to how many times they pop up. Word clouds great for spotting words that a writer uses too often, like my terrible habit of people frowning before they say something, or my once-rampant obsession with the word 'effulgent.'"

I thought it would be fun to make a word cloud of Rudolph and Isadora (or what we have of it so far).

(click to enlarge)

Having Rudolph and Isadora as the largest words of the bunch are perfectly normal - the story is about them, after all. There are a few words that The Politick and I are going to try out weed out, though. "Just" is far larger than it should be, and "like" sticks out too (not sure whether that is overuse of similes or simply misuse of like, but we'll keep an eye out either way). There are a couple other noticeable words that will hopefully get smaller as we continue editing and as the story goes on.

We'll get back to writing new segments soon! Our editing break is almost done.

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