Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Editing Break

Hello Everyone.
We hope you have enjoyed our story thus far. We think that we are at a fairly good stopping point right now and are taking a few weeks off to revise what we have before continuing. We expect to be back with our daily posts on April 4.
Pica and The Politick

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 20


I can see everything from here. I can see the entire forest, yet each leaf is clear. I bank in a wide arc, remembering a few days past, when those mere children tried to run from me. To think that they could be so hindered by a little dust and smoke. I smile as I glide on the wind. It is no matter - I have the boy now to keep me entertained. It was just in time, now that the older boy has lived through his use and is now performing me yet another service. If he were alive, he ought to feel glad to perform such a function as sustaining myself, the mighty one. Of course, if he was alive, he'd be quite uncomfortable by now. I laugh to myself. That girl won't last much longer though. Another outburst like today's, and I'm afraid she will have to join the boy. I dive, skimming the treetops and almost knocking out an eagle. I could swallow him in a bite, but I leave him to hunt another day. I am opposed to eating eagles, as they are hunters of the sky like myself. I am entertained by them - they are weaker than baby dragons, yet the are gracefully strong in their own way. I sigh. Entertainment, amusement - how has my life become about these things? I suppose when one has lived centuries and one's life has become so very easy, there is not much purpose anymore. There is a village in the distance. The villagers have never seen me, but there is are strong superstitions and people whisper of demons stealing cattle. Demons indeed! I am no demon. I am a magnificent beast. Still, I usually travel further for my food now. It does no good for one's reputation to be called a demon. And besides, I ought to give to villagers time to replenish their cattle. Spiraling upward, I scan the horizon. Ah! Dinner.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Part 19

Isadora stammered, "Wh..wh...what?". Quin came closer, taking in her packed back and braided hair.
"You going somewhere, then." It was not a question. Isadora had already explained about Rudolph, she had already made it clear that she was to rescue him. So why is he saying this? Does he want me to stay? Isadora hung her head, then tilted it back up so she could take in his face for the last time.
"I need to get to Rudolph. I..have to."
Isadora turned and began to walk away. Soon though, she was running as fast as she could through the woods, sticks snapping loudly beneath her feet and branches swatting at her face and clothes.
Soon, she was aware that she was being followed. She tried to run faster, but the steps were growing nearer and nearer. She turned quickly, hoping to call out, "Go away! I need to do this!", but she stumbled on a gnarled root and fell down hard.
Quin was beside her seconds later, picking her up gingerly and depositing her on soft grass two strides away. Isadora moaned in pain. Her hands, which had broken her fall, looked badly bruised, with pinholes of blood decorating her palm. Her knees were also badly scratched.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, it's my fault you fell down. But I could not let you go. I'll come with you. I told Jodra last night if she awoke to find us both missing, she should not worry."
Isadora was distracted from her pain instantly. She smiled happily, a silly thing to do that made her go all red in the face, and said, "I'd like that, Quin."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 18

     When Isadora awoke, the sky was still dark. She silently crept around the small house, collecting what she'd need to continue on her journey. She wore a dress Jodra had lent her to replace the one that had been ruined in the forest and took another that had been set out for the next day. She bundled up a loaf of bread and a bit of meat left over from dinner. She filled a jug with water and a bit of flint for starting fires. She glanced around to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything.
     She felt bad for stealing from Quin and Jodra, but it couldn't be helped. She would pay them back for everything someday. But she needed to leave now, before she could convince herself that another few days wouldn't hurt. As she enjoyed herself staying at Quin's house, Rudolph was in danger. He could be dying!
      She would walk as far as she could tonight, and then find her way to the nearest town, where she would ask if any of the townspeople knew of a dragon nearby. She thought of herslef singlehandedly slaying the monster and bringing Rudolph back to safety, where he would fall in love with her and they'd live happily ever after.
      Do I really want that? A thought popped, unbidden, into her head. 
      Of course I do, she told herself. Everyone wants a happily ever after. 
     Wouldn't you rather--
     Shut up. Now is not the time for doubts. She shook the thoughts from her head, but was not able to get rid of a nagging doubt that perhaps Rudolph had already been killed by Taliss and that she should just take what she had - Quin.
     No, she thought firmly. It's time to leave. Come on, Isadora.
     She walked out the door and started toward the forest when a voice came from behind her.
     "Where do you think you're going in the dead of night?" Isadora whirled around. It was Quin.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Poetry Phriday - Packed Lunches From Kindergarten

On Poetry Phriday, the Politick and I each write a poem on the same topic but without knowing what the other person is writing about. This week's topic is: Packed Lunches From Kindergarten.

A loving kiss
Packed away in a small, colorful box
Preserved through the day
A comfort through the lessons of A, B, and C

Poetry Phriday

On Poetry Phriday, Pica and I each write a poem on the same topic but without knowing what the other person is writing about. This week's topic is: Packed lunches from kindergarten

Tightly wrapped little packages of goodies perfect for a satisfying meal and a happy stomach.
Crunchy chips and a sandwich with the crust's cut off are arranged inside.
An apple juice box with the straw peeking out is nestled beside an ice pack so that it does not get warm.
A little note tucked beside a piece of chocolate that sports an orange dinosaur and a heart.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Part 17

When Taliss returned to the cave late that night, she found Willem's dead form wrapped in one of her finest silks. Alisen was hovering nearby, her right hand placed protectively over Willem's unmoving chest. She spoke boldly to her captor.
"You will give him a proper funeral pyre, Taliss". Her jaw quivered a bit, but her words breathed force.
"Ha ha. Foolish little human, you dare command me? I could burn you to a crisp with one flick of my tongue. As for the dead boy, I will eat him for my supper. I found no cattle yesterday, and have grown hungry." Rudolph, standing nearby, felt his stomach flip . He pressed a hand on the cool cave wall for support as he watched Alisen's expression go from confused to mortified. She yelped out at the dragon.
"No! You mustn't, please! Over a year ago you took us here together, having taken us from separate villages. We...we fell in love, but we only both knew it last night. His..last night."
"Touching, touching", Taliss retorted with amusement, "But do not forget it was only out of boredom that I kept you two with me. Yes, yes, you entertain me well enough. But then the boy got sick. I was just waiting for him to die. And now I can eat him, a reward for my kindness. Now, step aside."
Alisen wailed horribly and clutched Willem's body hard around the waist. Taliss shook her massive scaled head slowly, before hooking her claws through Willem's pale skin and yanking him away from his lover. She lumbered outside the cave, pushing the boulder aside with her tale effortlessly.
Alisen collapsed, sobbing madly. Rudolph, still frozen by the cave's wall, shook out his body to clear the numbness, before kneeling beside her. He cradled her head in his lap and hummed a soothing song. Gradually, her sobs quieted and she went limp in his arms. It must have been hours later, Rudolph realized. His muscles felt tight and knotted from kneeling for so long, and his stomach growled fiercely. He did not move though, instead continuing to rock gently back and forth, and to hum his gentle tune. He was crying too. Tears dripped down his chin for his new friend, who was in so much pain, and for his own fear from what he had witnessed. He also cried for Isadora, for he missed her now more than ever as he looked down at Alisen's body upon his own. Then a new thought invaded his clouded mind. He looked down at the girl on his lap, her hands curled around his tunic. She had dark, thick hair that hung in a long braid down her slender figure, and she smelled of the Chipka flower paste he had smeared on her forehead that morning. He liked being so close to her, this Alisen. And suddenly he did not feel such a longing for Isadora.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 16

Rudolph was in shock. His mind kept spinning with guilty thoughts; If only I had regained consciousness earlier, if only I had been just a little faster crushing the Chipka flowers, if only I hadn't spent so much time talking with Alisen. He knew it did not good wishing for things to have turned out differently, but he couldn't help but blame himself for Willem's death.
     Beside him, Alisen's body shook with sobs. Rudolph wished he could help her as well, but the most he could do was give her the Chipka paste to make sure she didn't get sick as well and keep a comforting arm around her shoulders.
     After a few minutes, he asked quietly,
     "Do you want to move him?"
     "You do it," Alisen managed to choke out.
     Rudolph got up slowly and chose a piece of embroidered silk from Taliss's hoard at the back of the cave. He covered Willem's stiff form with the cloth and moved him to the side of the cave.
     Alisen's tears eventually slowed, and she leaned against Rudolph as if to steady herself. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and let her head drop.
     "At least... at least I got to say goodbye. I loved him."
     "He loved you too," Rudolph said softly. "I'm sure he would have rather died in your arms than any other way."
     Alisen swallowed heavily and tried to suppress another wave of tears. "I suppose there's nothing left to do but wait for Taliss to return. She'll take him outside and cremate him with dragon fire. She lets us come if we want." She sniffled again and raised her eyes to the opening, as if expecting Taliss to swoop in at that very moment.
     "He will have a pyre fit for a king. Willem loved you, and he will not be forgotten. We will make sure of that."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Part 15

Isadora was outside with Quin. It was sundown, the sky stained a deep orange. They sipped on Rodku, a slightly bitter drink Quin had made, that had caused Isadora to cough and spew it all over the garden the day before. Now, though, she was thankful for the Rodku, for it was cold, and relieved her of some off the night's heat.
Jodra, Quin's sister, came out form the house to join them in the garden. Her long, pale hair tumbled down to her waist, and her eyes were a light, but intense blue. She was beautiful, Isadora thought. And she suddenly felt very self-conscious, being so near to such a girl when Quin sat on her other side. This feeling prickled her skin, and Isadora pinched herself to prevent goosebumps. She understood then, that she was becoming interested this boy. No, no. It cannot be. Ah..but it is. I am even jealous of his own sister. Oh, you lovesick fool! Rudolph is away for a week....in the clutches of a dragon, even! And you sit here and begin to like the only other boy around. Typical princess, typical you. You always fell for the nice-looking boys around the castle, and it just so happened one of them was Rudolph. You dishonor him by even thinking love thoughts towards Quin...after all that he has done for you. After all that he would give up to be with you. Grow up already, Isadora. The world is not as small as the castle. In this world you cannot be so easily infatuated, you must be smart...cautious. And you cannot disregard other people so easily. Remember that here, people can hurt you if you hurt them. You are not safe from this anymore, Princess. Focus on what you must do. Focus on Rudolph.
Isadora pressed the heels of her hands over her eyes, hard. She saw spots dancing around on her lids, and opened them. The swirls of color faded away, revealing Qun's handsome face. She could just make out the rough patches on his jaw, stubble growing in before the beard. He had last shaved two days ago. Isadora had watched him through the crack in the door as he stood in front of a mirror in his room and with a sharp blade.  Afterwards, he had rubbed pine oil on his face, and had smelled really nice all day...
Isadora let her thoughts become absorbed by Quin, sitting so close to her. No! Stop it, stop it! Rudolph! Think of Rudolph, he needs your help!
Quin looked over at Isadora, and her face warmed. She was very glad for the darkness that had descended upon them. She turned away, shame following her and wrapping itself around her body. She shuddered and did not allow herself to turn back towards him. I cannot be with him. I cannot...i cannot. I will leave in the morning. Before Quin and Jodra wake, I will go off to find Rudolph. If I spend one more day in this house, I fear I will never be able to leave. Quin and I...No. I will think nothing of it. I am being selfish. I have only know Quin a week...just a week. A week is nothing...nothing. Tomorrow...yes tomorrow I will leave.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 14

As Rudolph thought of his love, his hands faltered.
      "You okay?" Alisen asked.
      "Yeah, I'm... fine. Where can I crush these flowers? It should be away from where you eat."
     Alisen led him to a back corner of the cave, away from the rugs and other comforts that Taliss had brought. The cave was bigger than it had first seemed, but Rudolph could still see the entrance, a large opening high in the rock. Willem lay in the middle of the room, wrapped in a blanket. Rudolph could see his body shivering even in the warmth of blanket.
     "How many flowers are you gonna crush? Is it going to take long?" Alisen's voice jerked him back to the task at hand.
     "Not too much. You can go back to Willem. I'll be there in just a minute."
     Alisen caught his hand.
     "Thank you. For doing this, I mean. For saving him. Willem means to world to me." She turned and hurried back to Willem's side, leaving Rudolph to crush the Chipka flowers into the paste he needed. Rudolph took out a handful of the purple blossoms and crushed them to a pulp. The juice trickled down the rock, warm and sticky like blood. He sopped up the juice in a piece of cloth and carried it to where Willem lay. His head was on Alisen's lap, eyes closed and face wet with her tears. Rudolph placed the Chipka juice-laden cloth on his forehead, but knew that it would do no good. Willem was gone.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Part 13

Rudolph was still startled as he sat down heavily. His fingers were clumsy as he began to undo his boot laces. Alisen fixed him with a bewildered stare as he slid off his right boot and started on the other. he knew he must look like a complete dolt, but she had asked him to help her after-all, and help was covered by his boots at the moment.
As he unlaced, Rudolph could not help but feel bewildered himself. he had traveled miles most likely, and in the clutches of a dragon, only to be deposited in a dark cave in the dead of night. He had been seemingly very alone, and now in the sudden presence of two other human beings, Rudolph felt lightheaded. His headache was pulsing with more intensity now, and he felt a line of sweat trickle down his back.
Finally throwing his other shoe off, he pulled free, from his leggings that had been covered by his stiff boots, two bundles of slightly mashed purple flowers.
When he had been very young, his mother had taught him the uses of the Chipka flower. It grew near stream banks, choking the native populations of Loki shrubs, and turned from a light pink to a rich purple in the Spring. His mother had pulled a bundle from her dress pocket and held it up in the light for him to see. "This here, my boy, this is the Chipka flower. it's deadly if ingested, so be wary. But when pounded with a rock, the juice cures a fever right quick. Just spread it on your forehead and it'll work its magic."
The young Rudolph had listened intently and hungrily. He loved when his mother shared with him the secrets of nature. Since that day, he had always carried with him a couple bundles of Chipka.
Alisen ripped him from this thoughts suddenly, "Hey, quit staring at those flowers and help him." She had seemed quite opposing before, with her straightforward words and her arms crossed stiffly. But now, Rudolph detected a hint of weakness in her eyes, and her arms, crossed so tightly across her middle, seemed to be there as to hold her together. As if to prove his belief, her voice cracked when she spoke again. "Please...please you have to help him. I...I love him. I love you, Willem."
Willem, in his fevered state, was barely able to look at her, though hot tears spilled down his ruddy cheeks. "I love you too, Alisen", he managed quietly, his throat scraping painfully over the sweet words. Rudoplh felt his cheeks burning. He felt he was intruding, yet he could not stop watching them watch each other. And he could not keep thoughts of Isadora from entering him mind.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 12

Rudolph barely stifled a scream. The girl was staring at him with wide eyes, and the boy was sitting near her, wrapped in a blanket, febrile and shivering. There was silence for a long time. Then the girl spoke suddenly.
     "Do you know how to cure a fever?"
     "Do I-- what?"
     "Well, you're obviously not a lost princess like Taliss usually brings in. They're absolutely useless and not very interesting. Taliss usually gets bored of them pretty fast. But you look like someone who's done a bit of taking care of yourself. And I need a doctor for Willem as quick as I can. But obviously I can't go out an find one. I can tell you're not a doctor, but can you help?"
      "How many people come through here?"
      "We've been here for a couple months now. Taliss keeps us well fed, and sometimes brings us a treat if she's feeling generous. She usually brings someone in every couple of weeks, unless she takes a liking to them, like she did with us. If she hadn't, we'd both we dead."
     "We would?" Rudolph was confused. The girl was talking extremely fast, and he had no idea how to respond. And did this mean he only had a couple of weeks to live?
     "Willem and I. But I'm don't know how much longer Willem has. He's gotten sick, and if Taliss sees him like this, he's dead for sure. I had to hide him when you came in."
    "And who are you, exactly?"
    "I'm Alisen. But there's no more time for introductions. If you can help him, you need to do it now."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Poetry Phriday - Carpets

On Poetry Phriday, the Politick and I each write a poem on the same topic but without knowing what the other person is writing about. This week's topic is: Carpets.

Carpets can carry
An artful accumulation;
Rolled, radiant.
Pretty pictures painted,
Especially enticing:
Small stubbly surface. Sigh.

Poetry Phriday

On Poetry Phriday, Pica and I each write a poem on the same topic but without knowing what the other person is writing about. This week's topic is: Carpets

Cats like to curl up warm and safe on it, sleepy
And tongues folded in their mouths, dreams of fat
Rats in their dinner dishes and being
Pet for hours and hours with an
Even purr thrumming in their

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Part 11

Meanwhile, Rudolph was asleep on a thick and lavish carpet. Upon arriving at the dragon's cave, he had been deposited inside, the dragon flying off elsewhere. It had been very dark, and Rudolph had only just been able to make out a high ceiling, a shallow pool of water off to the side, and what appeared to be a fuzzy mass in the center. Being thoroughly exhausted, feverish and cold, Rudolph decided to explore after a short rest.  He had headed straight for the fuzzy-looking area, found it to be a mass of carpets, pillows, and tapestries, and fell asleep at once.
And so, as Isadora ate her soup with Quin, Rudolph opened his eyes painfully. His eyelids had been gummed shut by heavy sleep, and he had had to use his fingers to pry them open. It was dim inside the cave, for the dragon had the entrance blocked by a huge boulder. Only from the corners of the cave did light escape the boulder and dance throughout the space. Rudolph was now able to see the cave's contents more properly. He was laying on the fuzzy-like mass of soft furnishings he had spied last night, and he saw more clearly the pool of water across from him. There was also a roped-off area of what appeared to be a fighting ring, for there were sharpened sticks and armor of all sorts amassed by it.
Rudolph flexed his fingers and toes. His body tingled with the pleasant warmth of a good night's sleep. However, the feeling was soiled by both longing for Isadora and a pulsing pain behind his temple.
He stood shakily, allowing feeling and strength to return to his limbs. He was about to let loose a great and hearty yawn, when he heard a soft rustle nearby.
 Rudolph's heart slammed against his chest, goosbumps rising on his arms, legs, and neck. He dropped to one knee and peered out from behind a large folded tapestry. There, not ten paces away, sat a boy and a girl.                      

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 10

Isadora smiled at the embarrassed young man.
     "Well, thank you, Quin. I'm sorry to have imposed upon you for however long I was here. I'll just be on my-- aaah!" She had tried to get out of the bed, but her legs had given way under her.
     "You'll just be on your bed, you mean. At least until you recover a bit. How long were you in that forest?"
    She propped herself up against the pillows. "A few days, I suppose. I lost track of time after a while. Is that dinner over there?" She gestured to the far corner of the room, where a covered pot was steaming gently.
     "It will be soon. I took it off the fire a bit early since you seemed to be getting better and I knew you'd be hungry when you woke. I wanted to make sure you got it when it was hot."
     Isadora realized that she was ravenous. "Thank you. If you don't mind, dinner would be wonderful."
     "Sure. So, why were you in the forest anyway?" From in front of the fire, Quin glanced back at the pale, thin girl in his sister's bed. "Where do you come from?"
     "I'm Pr--... I'm Isadora. I'm trying to rescue... a friend."
     "Aha! A rescue mission!" Quin chuckled. "Who is this friend whose rescuer needed rescuing?"
     Isadora blushed. "I.... suppose I'm not much of a rescuer, am I?" Her face fell.
     Quin recognized that he'd overestimated her resilience. "I'm sure you'll be great once you're back on you feet. Here, dinner's ready. It's vegetable soup," he added, answering her unasked question. She wouldn't have cared what it was, as long as it alleviated her growing hunger. He took the pot from the low flames and ladled some soup into a rough bowl. He sat on the edge of her bed. "Careful, it's hot."
     She thankfully grabbed the bowl and began hastily spooning soup into her mouth. A few days in the woods and I lose all the manners I've ever learned. Oh well, it's not like Rudolph and I would be eating with silver spoons and silk napkins. She realized that even if she recovered, she had no idea which direction to set off in to find Rudolph anymore. Her thoughts soon darkened.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Part 9

Isadora awoke with a start. She was splayed out upon a small feather-bed. A mug of hot tea released tendrils of steam beside her on a sturdy night-table, and a smoldering fire peeked out from beneath a pile of logs in the hearth. She was no longer tired, but alert with fear, and scanning the room with quick eyes. A sudden creaking noise prickled her skin and she drew in a sharp breath, her eyes on the door. It opened slowly and she saw a worn leather boot stick out. A leg followed, and then the body, scooting around the door. She guessed whoever this was trying not to disturb her. The figure revealed itself to be a boy, with pale yellow windswept hair, a smattering of freckles over the bridge of his nose, and eyes the color of a blue silk dress Isadora remembered to be tucked away in her palace dressing room. His eyes were down, but jumped upright and into hers after she gave a polite little cough. "Ah. I'm sorry, I didn't know you were awake..." His voice was low and he dipped his vowels. He had the same accent as those working in the palace gardens. Isadora guessed he was around seventeen by his voice, firm jaw, and tall stature. She pressed him for details, "Who are you, where am I...how did I come to be here? Did you take me here...?" The boy looked embarrassed. He looked at the floor and his yellow hair flopped over his eyes. He pushed it back gently with a hand before facing her again. "Ah...yes. I was out in the woods at sunup to catch a rabbit for tonight. I found you under the tree and you seemed to have had a fit or...been attacked. You see, you were all twisted on your bedroll and clutching at the dirt and I...was worried so I brought you back here...and you were asleep and I was scared...that you would not wake up." At the word 'scared', the boy cleared his throat, embarrassed again, and flexed his right arm, before continuing. Ah...right. And I'm Quin."

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 8

Isadora, meanwhile, had reached the road. Wet, mud-streaked, and exhausted, she smiled weakly to herself. She realized that the "traveling clothes" that she had brought were no more traveling clothes than sheep were goats.
     They'll probably smell as bad as sheep by the end of this journey, she thought. Naive as she had been, she hadn't realized that the clothes she took on trips as a princess would be nothing near what she'd need tramping through the forest.
     The road was deserted, but she didn't have the strength to start traveling down it yet. She comforted herself with thoughts of a hot meal and a soft bed at the inn of the nearest town. When she'd started the journey with Rudolph, they had originally decided to avoid towns for a while, but that wasn't an option now. She doubted anyone would recognize her as the missing princess anyway, dirty and disheveled as she was. As she rested by the road, evening fell and the rain began to let up. She set out her bedroll under a tree, and started a small fire to keep warm.
      This is a bad idea, she told herself. Some traveler will see my fire and try to kidnap or rob me. I should move back into the woods. She tried to get up, but her fatigued limbs refused to exert themselves any longer, and she fell asleep.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Part 7

Rudolph's stomach convulsed. The dragon continued,"Ha ha. Oh you humans are an absolute delight! You have no idea how boring it is to spend hundreds of years alone in a cave. Oh yes, I do enjoy the occasional bit of company. Not from other dragons no...they are far too irritable and...competitive. No...I have lived with humans before. I keep them in my cave with me and they entertain me." She swooped down low towards a canopy of trees, her belly hovering over the branches. Rudolph scrambled, his hands struggling to find purchase with a sturdy branch. All his efforts earned him were scraped arms and a mouthful of leaves. The dragon laughed scornfully and climbed higher. "Do not injure yourself, human. I will not be able to heal you, and if you grow sick or too frail to be of any use, I will be forced to eat you." Rudolph stopped his struggle immediately, hanging limply from her tail, and trying to ignore the spams of heat that kept shooting down his body. Tears streamed down his cheeks and knocked against his captor's scales---sizzling into steamy air. He was ashamed to be crying when his love was so far away and more hopeless than he was (she was a princess after-all, and inept at handing herself in any way), but he was so afraid. His untidy mop of red hair slapped against his face, stinging his cheeks.  Clouds rumbled in the distance and raindrops began to pounce lightly upon his body. The rain came down more hurriedly and with more force, until Rudolph was unable to see for the constant stream running across his eyes. His thoughts began to bounce feverishly between Isadora and his own fear. I mustn't get sick. I mustn't. For...Isadora...she needs me. She needs me. Ah...the rain...My face is so cold, but the rest of me is boiling. My head...pounding. Isadora....Isadora...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 6


Miles above, Rudolph was in shock. Held in the dragon's claws as a hawk carries a mouse, arms burning and entire body aching, he was being flown to his doom. He could barely comprehend how quickly he had been snatched from Isadora and taken to his death, leaving her alone in the world.
     What have I done? he thought. I may be fine, soon to end this life, but Isadora has a hard journey still in front of her. How could I let her face that alone? Rudolph, you idiot! Idiot, idiot, IDIOT! With that last, he pounded that dragon's claws, and his entire arm convulsed in pain.
     "So you're awake, little human." The dragon's voice was low but melodic.
     A female, Rudolph guessed.
    Taliss continued. "I was wondering how long it would take for you to come around. How do you fancy being cooked?"

Part 5

Yes. This is what I wanted. But not like this. I didn't want everything to end up like this. It was a small comfort to herself that she felt guilty for making Rudolph join her on her journey of rebellion. And it had been a rebellion, she suddenly knew. She had left to spite her mother, who had never paid her a lick of attention, and who had made her the pampered burden she was today.
Isadora slumped down into the dust, leaning heavily against the cool rock on the campsite's enclosure. Regardless of how she had felt before Rudolph had been snatched, she now felt obligated to prove herself by saving him. Fresh guilt washed over her as she was exposed to her own selfishness, but she distracted herself by muttering, "He was taken only moments ago, if I hurry in the direction the Dragon flew, perhaps I can find Rudolph before sundown." She knew it was a silly notion, but the plan calmed her. She knew what she was going to.
And so, with a pack stuffed with one bedroll, a change of clothes, a water-skin, and as much food as she could bear the weight of, she began her walk. Little did the runaway Princess know, the journey would take her months away from home, and into the clutches of many enemies, and the arms of many a friend.

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 4

Isadora was torn. She wanted to save Rudolph, her only friend, but was that worth her life? Yet what sort of life could she possibly have, roaming the woods alone, unable to care for herself? She ran toward Taliss, but her indecision had lasted a moment too long. The dragon took off, the sudden gust of wind, knocking Isadora off her feet. Isadora watched the shrinking figure of the dragon until she could no longer see the silhouette against the morning sun.
      Defeated, and with tears threatening to spill from her long-lashed eyes, Isadora turned back to what was left of their campsite. Covered in dust, a dead fire sat between two bedrolls, windswept but useable. Supplies were strewn around the clearing. What was to be their breakfast was nowhere to be found.
     Wonderful, I have extra supplies I can't carry, no food, and no way to get more food. How am I ever going to survive like this?
     Isadora slumped down, her head in her hands. Her clothes were ruined, but what did it matter? There was nowhere to go, no one to see. She had no obligations. Isn't this what she wanted?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Poetry Phriday

WARNING: this poem is an oxymoron

Raccoons Like to Snuggle
A raccoon is a cute little snuggly bunny that has pointed teeth and a really, really triangular mouth.
They like to be walked on a leash, but they will eat the leash, or eat you if you try and walk them.
Like humans, they enjoy a good veggie-burger with some crisp bacon on the side. Also like humans, they like being walked. But do not try to walk them of course, because as mentioned previously, they will eat you.
There is a rare breed of raccoon that swims and has webbed toes. This odd creature is called a platypus. This creature has a flat, square nose, whereas raccoons have small cute button noses. Unlike a raccoon, a platypus does not like to be walked. Of course, no one has actually tried to walk a platypus...wait...someone has. They were eaten.

Poetry Phriday - Raccoons

On Poetry Phriday, the Politick and I each write a poem on the same topic but without knowing what the other person is writing about. This week's topic is: Raccoons.

Adorable pests, those 'coons.
Bold, bright-eyed, and bane of many a suburban homeowner
The cause of many an inside joke among friends--
    The song of the purple face
    The raccoon under the bed
           (Hello, Raccoon Boy)
Furry little bandits of the night

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Part 3

Too late, Isadora turned her head. Her golden locks raged around her face in the wild torrent of hot wind that pounded over her. Taliss landed, her talons scraping the ground and sending mounds of dirt spiraling on either side of her massive form. Isadora cried out for Rudolph, but he was pinned under Taliss, moaning as her hot scales grazed his bare arms, leaving his skin pink and raw. He turned his head to take in Isadora's  panicked face and began squirming under the dragon, fighting too get away. 
The wind settled down and Taliss licked her lips thoughtfully, staring at the girl. However, as she had just gorged herself on cattle from the neighboring farm, she decided that one human would do just fine. She wound her heavy tail around him and began beating her wings. Each beat threatened to knock Isadora down and sweep her away towards the trees, but she dug her heels in and buried her head in her hands. 
I have to do something, she thought desperately. What can I do? Oh, you useless, useless girl. Raised in a castle and never taught anything useful, never taught how to cook my own food, or start a fire....or dress myself. She felt her face flush a deep shade of pink. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 2

She came with great gusts of wind from sweeping wings that spread across the sky. The dragon Taliss- majestic, regal, formidable. She scanned the land with eyes sharper than any eagle, looking for the unfortunate beings who would succumb to her great claws and razor-sharp teeth.
     Isadora saw the great beast swooping through the sky, and without even pausing to pack her bedroll or grab her bag of supplies, she seized Rudolph's hand and sprinted toward the shelter of the cool, inviting forest. Tripping over his own feet, Rudolph ran behind her, feeling the heat emanating from the dragon's skin. The air was hazy, full of dust stirred up by the continuous wing-beats of the dragon. He fell, and lost sight of Isadora.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Beginning

Now begins the story...the main focus of this blog. Wordgirl (The Politick) will begin, and then she and BookBird (Pica) will switch off days ....for a while. Here goes:

There was once a Princess named Isadora. She was very lovely, yet powerfully lonely. She had but one true friend in all the land. His name was Rudolph, and he was a stable hand at the palace. They would take long breathless walks together by the sea and have picnics on the soft sloping lawns of the palace garden. Her mother, the Queen, had forbidden her to be friends with such a commoner, but Isadora was a rebellious fifteen year-old who was sick of sitting delicately in her chambers. She felt she could not bear to listen to her ladies-in-waiting gossip about the handsome new guards that had just arrived, freshly trained, for one more moment. And if she had to eat one more dainty cream-puff, she would spit it out onto her white doily of a napkin. And so Princess Isadora ran away with Rudolph. They walked for many hours, before settling in the elbow of a mountain to rest. Isadora was just getting out their bedrolls and Rudolph was starting a fire, when the dragon came.