Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Story

Mars and I have decided to begin a new tale. Let's see where this one goes...

Delia grasped the worn handle of her suitcase. The clunky bag seemed heavier each time she used it, as though she had packed up all of her memories between the neatly folded socks. Looking out into the foggy street, she lifted the bag and began away from the small white house she had called home for the past few months. She had not gotten too attached to the place. She had learned that it was easier that way. The large brown suitcase did not hold too many memories from this gray street. Tucking her bangs behind her ears and squaring her shoulders, she began down the street alone. She was alone so often, now. That was part of why she was leaving. When she reached the end of the street, the fog seemed to swallow her up, and she disappeared into the gray.

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