Monday, September 19, 2011

Part 75

Julien abruptly turned back to face Isadora. He leaned in close. Recognition widened his eyes and sent tremors of fear to whizz down Isadora's back.
"Hello your majesty." Julien bowed, and when his face was back in view he wore a tight frown.
"Carolina? Why did you say Carolina? Isadora is so much prettier. Unique. And for lie about living in the woods? Why aren't you at home? Or is your family having a vacation here?"
Isadora was stunned and elated with Julien. He had been traveling! He had to have been to not notice that she was missing. This meant he could not turn her in. She felt safe once more in his cloak.
Looking over at Julien's face and seeing a confused expression, she remembered she had not answered his questions.
"Well..." She began.

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