Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 76

"Well, the friend I need to find... I'm here because of him. He got captured by a dragon, you see - I know it sounds a little bit strange - and I had to go find him. My family... doesn't know I'm here. I'm staying in Tennur, just for a few days."
     Julien nodded, and Isadora rushed on.
     "And my name... I just don't want to be taken home before I find him. So I'm Carolina for now."
     "I see. Lady Carolina of Tennur, perhaps I could escort you to the carriage, where we might make some arrangements for traveling to Tennur. Under the condition that I accompany you, of course. One as naive as you should not be traveling alone. And when we find this friend of yours, I shall take you back to the Capital." Julien shook his head. "I'd heard the stories about you, but I'd never quite believed you were as headstrong as people said. You always seemed so delicate between the guards always by your side." He took her arm as if they were in the grandeur of the Capital rather than on a side road in this tiny town. When the reached the carriage, around the back of The Drinking Bear, he helped her in, gestured to the footman, and clambered in himself.
     "Your Majesty," he said as they began to clatter down the road, "how would to like to stop off for a bite to eat and a wash first?"
     When Isadora did not reply, he said, "Lovely," and rapped on the roof twice. Isadora felt the carriage turn down the road, away from Tennur, and looked out the window to find a tree-lined avenue leading to a distant manor. Julien's estate.
     "Welcome, Your Majesty."

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