Thursday, May 26, 2011

Part 23

Rudolph was sitting beside Alisen one afternoon when it happened. Alisen had been tracing patterns onto the ruddy floor and humming quietly while Rudolph tugged at a loose string hanging from his tunic. Each time he pulled, trying to snap it off, it unraveled a bit more, until he had removed half an inch of material. Suddenly he felt a cool hand on his, pulling it away from the mess of string. He looked up, right into the green eyes of Alisen. Alisen who was holding his hand, smoothing it out, then setting it on his lap. She looked down once, a light pink arcing over her cheekbones. Her hair swung over her face, obscuring it from Rudolph. Without thinking he reached for her hair to push it back- to be able to see her eyes once more, but she backed away. He followed her as she weaved her way in and out of the high piles of cushions and fabrics. He was reaching out to take her arm, when she spun on him and blurted:
"I loved Willem! I loved him and he's dead..Oh he's dead, he's dead, he's dead..." She hugged herself tightly, sunk to the floor, and balled into a tight knot. "He's gone now and I cannot betray him, not ever."
Rudolph crouched next to her. He thought of Isadora. How long had it been? He felt awful. Away from her from not even two weeks and already he was falling for another girl. And he was sure she was falling for him as well. She just...Well she just understands more than I do about how terrible it is to cheat on someone you care about. But Willem is gone. She is under a lot of stress. I understand...I hope.

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