Monday, May 30, 2011

Writing Games Challenge

Politick, I've done it as well. See for yourself.

1 page:
     "Bernard, get over here!" Lissa's shout echoed in the near-empty courtyard.
     "Alright, you don't have to let the whole world know." Bernard and his page stepped into the courtyard to join her. Trying not to let his armor clank, he stood beside her. He was about to speak when she asked, "What took you so long?"
     "I had to... show Alvin where to put the horses." He glanced around uneasily as Lissa rolled her eyes.    "You're sure you want to go through with this Liss?"
     "Yes. And you can't back down now that you're a real knight. You even brought along that ridiculous page. You’ve been though training. You knew what you were up for.”
     "Excuse me," Alvin said quietly, "but I believe we have company."
     "Blast! Let's go, Liss. Please?" Lissa could see Bernard's knees shaking in his hand-me-down armor. He was much more frightened than she, but she wouldn't let him back down. Bernard had barely managed to become a fully-fledged knight, and he had only done it because she had been pushing him through, step by step, knowing that the only way she’d ever hold a sword was if it had been taken from his sheath.
     "No, Bernard. Don’t you dare mess this up for me. Come here, you big flying lizard, you. Let's see your worst." As she spoke, the "flying lizard" appeared on the rooftop facing them. Even Lissa had to gasp. When Bernard had taken this job, the frightened villagers they were supposed to be protecting who had described the dragon had failed to mention how terrifying it was. With cruel yellow eyes, razor-sharp teeth, and a barbed tail over 10 feet long, it snarled and flew, almost carelessly, down to the courtyard. Bernard was paralyzed in fright.
     “Liss…” he managed to whisper.
     “Shut up Bernard. Complain to your page.” Liss grabbed Bernard’s sword as he stumbled back almost crushing Alvin, who had been cowering behind him.
     “Sir Bernard, can we go, sir?” Alvin squeaked, near fainting.
     “I’m with you Alvin,” Bernard said, as softly as he could muster, which didn’t seem to be nearly soft enough. His voice wasn’t working right, and his armor was making a racket, the ill-fitting pieces hitting each other with his involuntary shaking.
     Lissa ignored them both. Bernard was a coward – she’d always known that. But she didn’t need him any more.
     "You're not so bad, are you?" she said to the towering dragon. The dragon swooped down to the uneven cobblestones of the courtyard and faced Lissa. Unafraid, Lissa looked into its golden eyes, slitted and evil. She smiled and swung the sword.
     As she saw the massive head begin to fall, she took a step back and turned away. Now, she thought, at last I am the kingdom's champion.

Had I been a more talented writer (and had more patience), I would have written a bit more from before they got into the courtyard, where Lissa was more civil to Bernard. That way it would be clearer as she revealed more and more of her selfish side, giving the reader a glimpse that perhaps it wouldn’t be all that wonderful for her to be the kingdom’s champion. Additional note: I imagined the relationship between Lissa and Bernard to be sibling-like, although they’re not actual siblings.

150 words (exactly):
Agatha sighed. Late again. What Jerry would think of her now. "Charlie! What's taking so long?"
     "Why are we going to see your son anyway, Agy?” Charlie's shout came from inside his room seconds before he came out himself.
     "Jerry wants to meet you. Pop in the carriage now."
     "I've never met a nanny's son before." Charlie bounced in his seat.
     "Yes, dear. Settle down."
     When they finally arrived, Charlie was bursting with excitement. "Wow! Jerry tests out cars?"
     "Yes siree. And as a special treat, he'll let you see the tests. Look, there's one now." Charlie leaned over the fence as the car sped by.
     Suddenly, his face became worried. "Agy, look! A bird with a broken wing, right in the middle of the road! The driver’ll see it, won't he? Won't he?"
     As the driver finished his test. Charlie began to cry.
     "Agy? I want to go home.

Well, there you have it. Rudolph and Isadora will be back tomorrow.

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