Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 24

As Quin and Isadora sat across the rough wood table after dinner, Isadora's thoughts wandered. She thought about her life at the castle, and how she was so much happier here with Quin and Jodra. I could stay here, she thought. I could live here with Quin for the rest of my life. She rarely thought of Rudolph any more, as her days were filled with learning how to live like an ordinary person. In just a few weeks away from home, she had learned how to take care of herself, cook a decent meal, wash and mend clothes, distinguish different plants, and keep from losing her way in the woods. Without any servants to help her, she worked hard and was often frustrated and exhausted by the end of the day, but Quin's easy smile and caring words always helped her though it. She had made a pallet to sleep on next to Jodra's bed, and she felt like she had known both Quin and Jodra for years. She realized she wasn't at all lonely any more.
     "Isadora?" Quin's voice snapped her out of her reverie. She smiled at him. "Isadora, I've noticed you stopped talking about your friend. Do you think he's still alive?" Quin put his hands on top of hers, which were folded on the table. "I think we should start looking for him. It's been a while."
     "Rudolph? I don't really know. I hope so, but..."Isadora trailed off as she realized she didn't want to go find Rudolph. She wanted to stay here with Quin and forget all about Rudolph. He was the only thing keeping her from Quin, really. She was surprised she could let go of Rudolph so easily, as he at once been her only friend and she had thought herself in love, but she did not miss him.
     "Quin, let's stay a bit longer. I" -she searched for an excuse- "don't want to leave Jodra alone here. Plus, I don't know where we would even start looking."
     Quin looked at her worriedly. "If you say so, Isa."
     Isadora stood up and put an arm around his shoulders before walking into the other room, saying as she went, "I like it when you call me Isa."
     As she went to bed that evening, she did not think of Rudolph.

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