Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 22

As Isadora's week went by with Quin, Rudolph was getting more and more frustrated stuck in the cave. Alisen and he were well taken care of, but Rudolph was used to spending time outside from his years working as a stablehand before he had, somewhat impulsively, he had to admit, run off with Isadora. Alisen was well-used to living in the cave, and she kept him company, telling him about herself and asking questions about the world outside, which she had not seen for many months. Taliss regularly brought them meat, which she hunted, and clothes, which Rudolph assumed she stole from laundry lines. The days slowly fell into a pattern, which Rudolph slid into neither meaning nor wanting to. He mourned the loss of green grass and walks in the woods, but did not dare approach Taliss to ask for a day in the sunshine. But Alisen filled his days with quiet conversations as they learned about each other and made plans for someday when they had the courage to escape.

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