Sunday, January 27, 2013

Part 10

Someone called my name, gently, as I reached the landing. Standing by the front door in a similar outfit of brown slacks and white shirt, was Caleb. I felt my cheeks warm.
"I'm going to the open market to pick up the food for the week. I asked Jo and the others, and they said you can come with me. I mean, I thought you would like to see the city where you are staying. It really is beautiful, and the food is really good." Caleb smiled, then took my hand.
I involuntarily stepped towards him, about to reach for his other hand. Caleb dropped some gold coins into my palm and stepped away. "This is for you, if you want to get some cloth, or some sweets."
Embarrassed, I only nodded, tucking the coins into a front pocket and rubbing my arm.
"Alright then," Caleb nodded, "Let's go. We have the whole morning and afternoon to buy and to roam."
He opened the door, and we stepped out into the sun.

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