Saturday, January 19, 2013

Part 6

My heart beat fast, thoughts immediacy turning to confusion as to what what so remarkable about me? I was not thinking about what the revolutionaries were revolting against, or the fact that my kidnappers were not kidnappers.
I had never found much use in myself, which is why I had thought solitude suited me. In solitude, there was no one to ask of my services, only to find them disappointing.

Yes, I had survived alone for two months alone, but with a huge storehouse of food and tanks of cleansed water. I had had no want for anything.

Caleb, Dom, and Arthur accepted drinks from the tenants of the apartment and slapped each other heartily in congratulations. For the moment, I was ignored, which suited me fine. Know I turned my attention to those around me.

I found myself focusing on Caleb, the young strong man who had held me steady the past few days. Now, knowing that he was not a kidnapper, I had the sudden thought that I could talk to him normally, perhaps become friends with him.

Caleb turned from the merriment and looked at me. Our eyes met for a moment before I turned away, cheeks pink.

"And now", the leader of the revolutionaries said, "Lena, please show everyone your talent. I've been wanting to see it myself, ever since Naomi told me about it. Please, let us see why we went at such lengths to bring you here."

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