Thursday, January 17, 2013

Part 4

We continued on, the strong man still holding me close to him to prevent my escape. 
By now, even if I cared to escape, I would be hopelessly lost.
So, again was the routine of horseback riding and dozing against the man. 

"Hey, you." He spoke softly against my ear, waking me. I turned, my face meeting the fabric of my passenger's tunic. My nose bumped against his chest and i realized how thin he was. Strong yes, but lean. He must be barely 20. 
I was surprised me had spoken, used by now to the idea that he would remain silent throughout our ride together. He smiled at my surprise and went on.
"My name' s Caleb." He fidgeted a bit. I turned to face forward, surprised still. He didn't say anything more, and I didn't speak either. 

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