Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Sort This Out

Alright. So it seems there has been a mistake in the writing. A, as one would say, slight misunderstanding. In parts 31 and 32 of the story, things get confusing. Allow me to explain.

I wrote post number 31, and then BookBird pointed out that there were some spelling errors, I went back to my post to fix them, and decided to add another paragraph and change some things. BookBird obviously did not check back that night, instead she most likely began to write her part, which posted the following night. And for this reason there are two paragraphs, one by me and one by her, that describe the inn in further detail as well as describe Rudolph's room.

It is actually kind of interesting to read these two different paragraphs. One can really see the differences between our writing styles and what we choose to focus on.

Anyways, hope that cleared up any misunderstandings. And also, in reply to BookBird's comment on electricity- no, I do not think there would be electricity, but instead candles and such, for the reason that if there is electricity in their world, they would have toasters and outlets and heaters and air conditioners and thus we would have to get into that and all the other technological things they have. It seems way to modern for the story. I thought the story to be pre-electricity. Books of Bayern-esque world.

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