Sunday, June 26, 2011

Part 45

Daril was the man who had married Quin's mother, Ros. He was downstairs at the small wooden table by the front door, and Isadora watched as he told both him and Lilia that he and Ros had run into some trouble  at the first inn they stayed at. There were two men there, thugs, who broke into their room that night and held knifes under their throats, demanding all their gold. The morning found them robbed of all their money and with no idea where the tow men had gone. Unable to pay the innkeeper, they had been thrown out, and had traveled through the forest, trying to find the nearest town and get help. But Ros twisted her ankle as they were crossing over a stream and Daril had been forced to leave her and get help before dark. He had run as fast as he could and only paused for breath at twilight when he saw lights up ahead. He had rushed back with three men from the town to where he had left Ros, only to discover she was gone. He and the two men searched the forest until dawn began to lighten the sky.
Isadora watched from the top of the stairs, hands clasped around her knees, as Quin dropped his head into his hands and Lilia nervously played with her hair.

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