Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Part 47

The momentary distraction by Rudolph when Alisen careened into his arms was all the two thugs needed. They heaved themselves up, raining down soil, and pulled the Rudolph and Alisen away from each other in a dual motion, before holding identical daggers to their throats, instantly silencing them.
"Now, you both jus' don't scream, hear me?" Jette had spoken, and now he and Beetel began tearing up the nearby green clothes into narrow strips, and using them to bind the ankles and wrists of their prisoners, as well as to fashion effective gags. Within minutes Rudolph and Isadora could not move nor speak. The daggers were tucked back into the belts of the rouges, as they proceeded to rob the pair of their packs and boots- those they were to sell on market day for a fetching price, Beetel snickered.
The thugs had gotten their revenge, and left merrily, stolen goods bouncing on their backs as they walked with a newfound spring in their step, leaving Rudolph and Alisen alone and tied up, with no way to call for help, and no food or water left in their possession.

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