Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 42

Apologies for the late post. My Internet access has been spotty at best for the last few days. And now I am going to do something that is going to make you, miss Politick, very annoyed (although it seems justified for all the times you've ruined all my wonderful plans by throwing a new twist into the story). This Isadora / Quin scene is all yours. I'm not interested in writing it. So I'm switching back to Rudolph and Alisen for now and you can write "falling-in-love scenes" for Quin and Isadora to your heart's content.

"Alisen! Wait! Please!" Rudolph's cry rang through the trees to Alisen's retreating back, but she continued, scooping her pack on her way out of the clearing. She did not look back at Rudolph, although even if she had, she might not have noticed the newly wet eyelashes and trembling jaw. Her own eyes blurred, and she began to pay little attention to where she was going, so long as it was away from him.
After about three minutes of blind wandering, she realized what a bad situation she had gotten herself into and sunk down against a tree to create a plan. When no ideas came to mind, she continued sitting, figuring it was just as well she stayed in one place rather than uselessly expending all of her energy. Soon he heard someone trampling through to forest some ways back.
Rudolph, she figured.I can't deal with him right now, or ever, at least until her gets some brains into him. Thinking to hide from her former companion, she crawled around to the other side of the rather large tree, where a bush obscured her form from any passersby.
Waiting for Rudolph to pass, Alisen sunk her fingers into the earth and looked through the leaves of the bush at the forest beyond. Then, through the soil, her fingertips touched what was unmistakably roughly woven cloth. Intrigued, she dug for it and pulled out a green cloth bag. Inside was a piece of paper.

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