Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 44

Isadora closed her eyes and tried hard not to think about what had just happened with Quin. About what he had said. About how the mere thought of him now caused a sensation in her chest like she wanted to laugh and cry and dance all at the same time. About how everything had changed with that one little word.
     There was a sharp knock at the door and Quin slowly dragged himself out of bed to open it. Isadora opened her eyes but did not dare look at him. Lilia shouted from behind the closed door,
     "Quin! Please come!" The door opened, and she grabbed Quin's hand. "You have to come. It's Daril. And he says he's here about your mother." Isadora was about to get out of bed and join the cousins, but Quin said,
     "Stay here Isa. Just" -his voice cracked- "don't move. I'll be back."
     The heavy door shut, leaving Isadora alone in the darkness.

(P.S. Sorry about not posting. But now I'm just home from my trip, so everything should be back on schedule for a while.)

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