Friday, June 10, 2011

Part 35

There was an ache within Isadora as she fell asleep that night in the unfamiliar bedding of the house. Quin remained downstairs for some time, speaking with his cousin whom he had never met before.
As she twisted around beneath the sheets waiting for the murmuring sound of speech to cease and for the footsteps of Quin to kiss the stairs up to the bedrooms, Isadora stared out her window at a moon partially covered by the long branches of an olive tree.
Finally, after what seemed like many hours, Quin entered Isadora's room to say goodnight. Isadora, feeling a sudden burst of adrenaline, spoke:
"Do you love her?" Her face was tight, her eyes accusing, and after spitting out the words she pursed her lips and looked at the floor, her face reddening. Quin's eyes got huge as he looked at her.
"What? Is, what did you ask? I...I do not know her. So no...I do not love her. What is this, Is? What is going on? I was talking to her because she is family and I do not know her! I like to know my family...what has gotten into you?"
" you do not love her." Isadora spoke with uncertainty now, nothing backing up her words. She was embarrassed by her outburst and had no idea what to say.
"No. I do not. I thought I had make that clear, Is." Quin's words punched at the air in the room, and he roughly ran his hand over his face. He looked very tired to Isadora. He sighed and sat on Isadora's bed, back to her.
"I...I love somebody. Not her...I love..."

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