Friday, June 3, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 30

The next morning, Quin and Isadora set out for town, equipped with food for two days and a small bag of coins taken from under Quin's mattress. The morning was clear but slightly chilly, and they each had several layers of clothing on. They talked some, but mostly they just walked together through the forest. Quin knew his way even when the road disappeared, and Isadora followed, glad for a friend, because she knew she would undoubtably get lost by herself. Quin knew all the birdcalls they heard, and pointed each one out to her. Not really interested in birdcalls but enjoying Quin's company all the same, Isadora kept trying to make him laugh. Finally, a road appeared between the trees.
     "We must be getting close to the city," said Quin. "Can you keep going, or should we stop a bit?" Isadora was unused to walking far, and although wearing Jodra's sturdily-made boots had helped a bit, she was worn out an pink in the face.
     "Let's stop a bit, Quin. She plopped down without a thought about her dress, stuck her feet out in front of her in a most un-princesslike manner, and patted the ground beside her, inviting Quin to sit as well.

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