Saturday, July 2, 2011

Part 49

Quin stalked into the forest, fueled by a deep rage that growled within his belly. It had softened a little though, the mad desire to run and get away, when Isadora had come after him into the dark. Now he knew that she really did love him, and this thought alone was what began to diffuse his energy. He walked carefully now, edging around the thick trunks of the tall trees, and easing around the snaking roots. He knew he had to find his mother, he knew that he had to be the one to find her. But he did not want to leave Isadora alone in that house. No, no. She is not alone. She is with Lilia and Daril. She will be safe enough with those two in the house, and there will be no need for her to think of me or anything, because she told me she would wait for me. And Arin. Arin was there too, brother of Lilia, clever young man who was apprentice to the town's goldsmith.
Quin continued to walk, to weave through the night in search of his mother, and trying in vain to walk away from thoughts of Isadora. But it was no use, he could not leave her, regardless that she had told him she would wait. He discovered that he really did need her.
Quin stopped walking and pulled in a long full breath of the night air. Then he turned around.

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