Sunday, July 10, 2011

Part 57

Rudolph cried, he couldn't help it. The tears soaked his pillow and his cheeks. He turned so he could see the slit between the curtains, where morning light was glinting through. He sadly recalled how Quin had referred to Isadora as his own. He had done that. back when he had worked his meager job as stableboy.
What pained Rudolph the most, was that he had continued to nurse his love for me, even as Alisen lived beside him. Alisen, who Rudolph felt so good around, so happy and confident.
And now he had found out that she had been with this Quin boy for weeks. Exactly how close were they?
To distract himself from the girls and from negative thoughts about Quin, Rudolph thought back to when he had first gotten his job as stableboy at the palace.
He had not started out at the palace tending to the horses. In fact, that was his second job. Now Rudolph brought back to life all the details that had led him work at the palace..

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