Monday, July 4, 2011

Part 51

Isadora stayed up all night waiting for Quin's return. By dawn she was utterly exhausted, drained from the lack of sleep as well as from worry. As soon as the sun began to peek over the mountain tops that circled the forest, she forced her groggy self to make its way out of the house quietly. She entered the forest at a brisk pace, scanning the damp leaves below for footprints.
 There were some heavy prints that marked a steady path towards the center of the trees, and having no other alternative, Isadora chose to follow these. The sky gradually lightened, and Isadora grew more and more drowsy, until she was practically nodding off as she walked, bumping into trees and tripping over the uneven terrain.
Isadora tried to stay awake, she continuously pinched her arm to keep herself alert enough to not plunge face-down onto the rough roots beneath her boots. Alas, as the day wore on, she began to stumble blindly, bent over with exhaustion.
Suddenly, her boot slipped on a moss patch and she tumbled down onto the leaves shed by the trees so high above her form. She lay there, barely conscious, not even feeling the wet of the soil bleeding into her clothes.

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