Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Part 65

The horse galloped steadily towards the woods. Isadora was bending low over the horse, and Rudolph held her waist tightly, terrified of falling off.
They entered the trees and now Rudolph understood Isadora's hunched stance. She was low enough to avoid the scratching branches, the ones that now smacked Rudolph repeatedly in the face.
There approached a low hanging thick brach from a heavy-set tree.
Rudolph was knocked off the horse, and lay there on the ground, unconscious.
Isadora reined in the horse abruptly. His hands were gone from her waist and he was gone from the horse. She turned, and upon seeing him lying crumpled over roots, she scrambled over to him, after tying Dandelion, her horse, to the nearest tree.
"Rudolph!" He did not open his eyes. She panicked. She licked her finger and placed it in front of his nose to see if he was breathing. There was barely any air tickling her finger. So she pressed her mouth to his and blew air into his lungs for him. That was the first time they kissed.

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