Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Part 53

Isadora smiled up at the woman, who in return pushed a large bowl with a tasty aroma towards her.
"Eat up, my dear. From the looks of you you haven't had a square meal in days. What's your name, my sweet? I'm Vera." Vera sat on the edge of Isadora's bed, and handed her a spoon from the pocket in her apron. "
Oh. Um. Hi, thank you so much for helping me...I'm Isadora." As soon as she said it she was overcome with the feeling of foolishness. She had just given her name to this woman, this innkeeper, who probably near about all the going-abouts of the royal family. And of course her family must have been living for her since she had gone. Isadora rushed to cover her mistake.
"Well. People at least call me that. They think my hair is the same color as the princesses' hair, at least. My real name is Carolina. I' prefer if you called me that, I think it is much nicer, not to be rude at all towards the princess or anything..." She trailed off, taking a large swallow of the thick barely soup in front of her.
"Ah, yes. The princess. There's a lot going on nowadays concerning that girl. Did you know she has gone off eloping with some stableboy? The king and queen have been frantic, sending their people all over in search of them. There is also a reward of 5000 coins for the lucky bugger who finds them. THat notice was posted yesterday, in all the inns. Seems they were not able to find her for weeks, and have resorted to us commons, ha-ha."
"This notice...does it have pictures on it?"
"Of the girl yes, not of the by though. They didn't have a picture of him. All they can supply is his description and hope that he'll be with her. not that they are to eager to get him back, I hear. Makes sense, after-all, him going off with their daughter."
Isadora paled and sank deep into the bed, glad for the first time, to look so dirty.

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