Friday, July 15, 2011

Part 61

(This is for yesterday, so there will be another post later today I gander *cluck* from Pica....We shall see)

Isadora closed her door firmly. She crossed the huge room, settling down onto her soft and tall bed. She had shown Rudolph to the stable-master and now he was settled in the long wooden servants house.
Now she lay there on her bed and thought furiously.
I have no friends here. None that I can really talk to, anyways. Lotti and Geri are alright, I guess. But they are royals. And actually enjoy being royals. I want a real friend.
Rudolph, to Isadora, seemed to be a nice boy who was capable of talking about things other than clothes and handsome lords. However, this was due to the poor boy's background. For all she knew he could end up filling their meetings with long drawn-out stories about chickens and what they eat.
Meetings. I do think I will have meetings with him. He seems nice. And I really do need a friend. Perhaps he will be my friend. 
And now I have to go meet Geri for her fitting. I have to hold her hand and tell her she looks marvelous. She looks like a frog!

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