Thursday, October 13, 2011

Part 89

Arin watched as Ros came up sprinting from the front of the house and barged through the front door. She was a mess, hair like cobwebs, mad gleam in her eyes. She cackled, showing pointed teeth. 
Arin had called out to Lilia when he saw her approaching, he had recognized her from a distance: her familiar shape coming towards the house. Now though, he was terrified out of his mind and he howled for his sister. 
Lilia, paused midway on the staircase, turned slowly to look at her aunt. She was white, ghostly white as she came down slowly and stood beside Arin, who had collapsed onto the floor.
By this time, Rudolph and Quin were racing into the house, for they had heard shouting. Rudolph froze in the threshold, clutching it with a death grip, sagging slightly against it.
Ros was quite a sight, with her wild face, wild hair, and torn clothes. She spooked everyone. Everyone that is except Quin. Quin, who at long last laid eyes on his mother. 
He rushed to her, held her in his arms, laughed, cried. He sang with happiness.  But when she bit him hard on the shoulder, he retreated, and the veil that had lowered over his eyes upon seeing his mother once again was snatched away and he stood in speechless pain, clutching his shoulder, over the feral woman. 
"What has happened to you, mother?" He asked quietly. So quietly. Her eyes snapped to attention towards his and she drank him in. Her son. She did not recognize him. 
"Bastard. Bastard." She moaned. 
Quin was in agony, wanting to help her, but fearing what she might to do him next. He settled on squatting beside her.
Lilia, Arin, and Rudolph remained frozen. That's when Daril entered, basket in his strong hands, basket holding crockery jars full of food, jars that were smashed to slivers when he saw the love of his life in the house.
"Ros?" He whimpered. He moved closer to her, wrapped his arms around him
"Ros, oh Ros, sweetheart. I thought I had lost you. I...I was so scared I had lost you..." He sobbed into her ripped clothes.
Quin was a bit peeved, jealous that his long lost mother let Daril hug her and not her own son. And so, when Ros bit Daril on the hand, drawing blood, Quin couldn't help but feel a bit better.

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