Friday, October 14, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 90

The door was roughly opened by one of the guards and Isadora was led from the room, eyes downcast and blurring. The guards grip was firm without being harsh, but Isadora shuttered as Julien walked behind her. She did not speak, but Julien filled the silence himself.
     "Didn't wanna do this, y'know? Turning you in... nah, it's not... not right. But we can't have a missing princess, right?" He chuckled a bit, and continued. "An' I felt kind of bad telling the royals I found you, but then, y'know, it got easier after a few glasses." Julien rambled on, and Isadora eventually tuned him out, focusing intead on the sound of the guards boots, Julien's dress shoes, and her own small feet, first on the marble of the hallways, then down the gravel path to the waiting carriage.
     "In you get," one of the guards said, but Isadora did not move.
     "If my host -" she glared at him "- finds it permissible, I will ride, thank you."
     "Ride... yes, you can ride. Get in," Isadora stared at him, unsure of his meaning, until he pointed at the other guard. "The princess is going to ride. Get in the carriage."
     "Your lordship, I do not think that is advisable," the guard ventured.
     "Yes, yes. 'Kay, then. Princess, in the carriage for you." He stumbled, then said, "You know, I think I'll stay here for now. I seem a bit hazy. Why don't I catch up with you all tomorrow?" He bowed to Isadora, then to the guards, and said, "Princess, perhaps a goodbye kiss before your departure?" He stepped forward but Isadora spun on her heel, and, relieved not to be sharing a carriage with the lord, sat down and closed the door firmly. She rapped on the carriage roof, signaling to begin driving. As the wheels started to turn, she was at once apprehensive and resigned. She was going home.

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