Friday, October 14, 2011

Part 91

While Isadora floated in a hazy cloud of remembrance of the great big impersonal castle she grew up in, Quin, Arin, Daril, Rudolph, and Lilia spewed worry from their very pores as they gazed down at Ros, who remained huddled on the floor. She said nothing, not even bastard.
Then, all of a sudden, just as Allisen began making her way downstairs due to the curiosity she had at the commotion, Ros took off, sprinting, out of the house. The five worried people downstairs took off after her, shouting after her. Allisen followed as well, for she did not like the idea of being left out of anything, and also, because she didn't want to be without Rudolph.
The six, seven with Ros included, leading the way, hurried down the dirt path towards the city. There were all panting, all out of shape.
It was then that the carriage appeared, turning at a bend in the road. Isadora noticed the group a moment before the driver. He pulled the reins and the horses neighed and threw their front hooves into the air.

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