Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post 99

Two months later....

Isadora sat beside Julien at the dining table, her mother and father at the head, tucking into the feast. Julien did not attempt to converse with his wife, for in the last couple of weeks he had noticed her frigidity towards him. It had begun shortly after the wedding, he noticed. Or possibly she despised him all along. Either way, she had had to marry him, because it had been his prize for brining her home after her escape with the stableboy.
And so, Julien was very surprised when Isadora weaved her arm through his as the last course was being taken away by the servants, and the dessert was being carted in. It was a very casual gesture between a husband and wife, but between Julien and Isadora, it was most rare.
In truth, Isadora had begun to warm up to Julien. She had married him against her wishes, for she had loved another, but now that it had been five months since her return, and five months of not seeing Quin, she had decided to make the most of the situation, or in other words, try and be happy.
Isadora took her husband's arm in her own and tangled their fingers together. Julien looked at her with surprise, then his face grew gentle and he gave her hand a slight squeeze.

This isn't so bad, Isadora mused, he is handsome, and he is my husband. Mother and father would never allow me to separate from him, and my heart is no longer shrouded by my love for Quin. I do miss him, and I miss Rudolph as well. But I must learn to love Julien. I must be happy, or I'll... I'll run off again. i won't be able to stand it.

That night Isadora kissed Julien for the first time. In reality, it was the second time they kissed, for the first was at the wedding. But there, Isadora's heart had beat for another, and she had not meant the kiss. Now though, she put effort into it. Mental effort. She really tried to make herself believe she loved Julien.

Julien, sho had been spotted in the company of several young women in the past few months - since he received no love from his wife - returned the kiss with the same urgency, for he wanted to save his marriage. He had fell for Isadora the moment he had seen her, and though she had stayed a distance from him, he never gave up the feeling.

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