Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Part 81

Quin was madder than ever as he pounded up the staires to his room, ignoring the shouts that asked what he was doing. He grabbed his cloak from the peg in his room and exited through the back of the house.
Tramping through morning grass he felt his anger soften a bit into annoyance. He was annoyed at Rudolph, but he didn't really understans why. Afterall, now there would be no problem in having Isadora for his own.
But this thought plauged him, made him feel miserable, and he understood his anger and his annoyance in that moment: he did not want Isadora to be hurt, and although he would have sworn at that moment that she had feelings for him, he also knew she felt love towards Rudolph. And when she found out that he was wih another girl, she would be sad no doubt... devastated even.
And so, as Quin strode on, he decided that no matter what happened, be would be there for her always in any way she needed him.

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