Sunday, October 23, 2011

Part 97

Isadora shrugged out of her formal evening gown. The smooth silk pooled around her feet, and she had to smile, remembering the feeling of the rough burlap Julien had made her wear. Julien. She was to marry the man the next day. A man who had made her wear burlap, had made her leave her friends. 
She tired not to sob, distracting herself by sifting through her dresser for her night clothes. She dressed herself in a thin cotton nightgown before moving over to sit once again on the stone ledge by the window. It was still raining, and Isadora watched as her face, mirrored on the dark glass, began to cry. Her tears became one with the falling rain, and it was beautiful to her. She smiled again, but it was a sad smile. And she cried, scared that she would never smile again like she had with Quin, or with Rudolph so long ago. 

That evening she had dined with the entire royal family. It was necessary, for they would all be present the following day at the wedding, and they were all curious to see who the groom would be, for the royal family was a jealous one, always wanting to be next in line for the most power. Isadora, the only child of her parents, would be Queen someday. And Julien would be King. Isadora shivered then, and now, when she found out and realized Julien would have all that power. And they would have to have children. She dreaded the thought and pushed it from her mind as always.

Dinner had been steamed lamb with vegetables, whole pigs roasted on spits with sliced oranges, and for dessert there were pies the size of wagon wheels, and candied strawberries for the children. 

"Why is it, that after eating the most wonderful foods in the kingdom tonight, I crave Quin's homemade soup?"  Isadora asked her reflection. It stared back, tears staining the cheeks.

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