Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 88

From the kitchen window, Lilia watched the the two young men stare at each other. She felt bad for her little cousin, who was so obviously in love with the girl Isadora. She had met him only when he had been very young, at some family gathering or another, but her aunt Ros had stayed with her and Arin often. She caught Alisen's eye and waved her in, leaving the boys to settle their differences outside. There was nothing she could do to help them. Alisen, on the other had, could use a little cheering up.
     "Hello, Alisen," she said with a slight smile. "Would you like to help me--" She broke off as she saw Alisen's stormy look. "Alisen?"
     "Hello, Lilia." Alisen grumbled. "Care to see the fireworks?" She guestured toward the window. "Is that pathetic princess all they care about? Honestly." She threw herself into a chair, and stood up almost immediately. "I can't stand this," she said, and walked out of the kitchen toward the rest of the house. Lilia was left, stunned. She took one last glance at the boys, decided they'd be fine without her interference, and left to follow Alisen. When she reached the other side of the small house, she turned to go up the stairs when she heard Arin's shout.
     "Lilia! Lilia! It's Aunt Ros!"

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