Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 82

The princess stepped onto the brightly tiled and waxed floor of Julien's estate, finally feeling completely at ease. It was a feeling, she realized, that she had been searching for for many weeks.
     Julien gestured to the servant taking his coat and said, "Show her Highness to her room. Make sure she is properly cared for." He then turned to Isadora, gave a deep and flourished bow, and said with a sparkle in his eyes, "until dinner, your Majesty."
     After turning through the maze of corridors for some time, the servant led Isadora through a large, carved, wooden door. He turned to Isadora and said in a small, reedy voice, "Several maids will be here shortly to assist you, Majesty." He bowed and walked out of the room, leaving Isadora to gratefully rush to the bed and collapse upon it, unmoving, until the ladies-in-waiting came to draw her bath.

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