Monday, October 3, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 80

Quin woke a short time later to the sound of a scuffle outside. He groggily made his way downstairs to join the others for breakfast. She and Arin were talking quietly in a corner of the kitchen, but they each tensed and stopped talking as he entered.
     "Morning," he greeted them as he plopped into a wooden chair by the breakfast table. As he grabbed a piece of bread, he noticed his cousins glancing out the window repeatedly. Eventually they came to sit by him, but Lilia kept looking back at it.
     "What are your plans for today?" Arin asked in an attempt at light conversation. Quin shrugged.
     "All my plans have come to nothing," he said. "I suppose I'll move on this afternoon, perhaps ask around at some other towns. Why do you ask?" Arin, distracted, seemed not to notice the question. "Have either of you heard about Isadora?" Quin asked after a moment. He wasn't able to stop her from invading his thoughts. Although he'd resolved not to look for her, he had to ask.
     "No. There's been no news," Lilia said lightly, resting a hand on his. "No one knows where she went." Quin stood up, frustrated, and strode to the window himself - just in time to see Rudolph lean over Alisen and brush his lips against hers. And to see Alisen return the kiss.
     That's it, Quin thought, turning away from the window. That boy is not going to win over my Isadora. I am.

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