Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Beginning

Now begins the story...the main focus of this blog. Wordgirl (The Politick) will begin, and then she and BookBird (Pica) will switch off days ....for a while. Here goes:

There was once a Princess named Isadora. She was very lovely, yet powerfully lonely. She had but one true friend in all the land. His name was Rudolph, and he was a stable hand at the palace. They would take long breathless walks together by the sea and have picnics on the soft sloping lawns of the palace garden. Her mother, the Queen, had forbidden her to be friends with such a commoner, but Isadora was a rebellious fifteen year-old who was sick of sitting delicately in her chambers. She felt she could not bear to listen to her ladies-in-waiting gossip about the handsome new guards that had just arrived, freshly trained, for one more moment. And if she had to eat one more dainty cream-puff, she would spit it out onto her white doily of a napkin. And so Princess Isadora ran away with Rudolph. They walked for many hours, before settling in the elbow of a mountain to rest. Isadora was just getting out their bedrolls and Rudolph was starting a fire, when the dragon came.

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