Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Part 9

Isadora awoke with a start. She was splayed out upon a small feather-bed. A mug of hot tea released tendrils of steam beside her on a sturdy night-table, and a smoldering fire peeked out from beneath a pile of logs in the hearth. She was no longer tired, but alert with fear, and scanning the room with quick eyes. A sudden creaking noise prickled her skin and she drew in a sharp breath, her eyes on the door. It opened slowly and she saw a worn leather boot stick out. A leg followed, and then the body, scooting around the door. She guessed whoever this was trying not to disturb her. The figure revealed itself to be a boy, with pale yellow windswept hair, a smattering of freckles over the bridge of his nose, and eyes the color of a blue silk dress Isadora remembered to be tucked away in her palace dressing room. His eyes were down, but jumped upright and into hers after she gave a polite little cough. "Ah. I'm sorry, I didn't know you were awake..." His voice was low and he dipped his vowels. He had the same accent as those working in the palace gardens. Isadora guessed he was around seventeen by his voice, firm jaw, and tall stature. She pressed him for details, "Who are you, where am I...how did I come to be here? Did you take me here...?" The boy looked embarrassed. He looked at the floor and his yellow hair flopped over his eyes. He pushed it back gently with a hand before facing her again. "Ah...yes. I was out in the woods at sunup to catch a rabbit for tonight. I found you under the tree and you seemed to have had a fit or...been attacked. You see, you were all twisted on your bedroll and clutching at the dirt and I...was worried so I brought you back here...and you were asleep and I was scared...that you would not wake up." At the word 'scared', the boy cleared his throat, embarrassed again, and flexed his right arm, before continuing. Ah...right. And I'm Quin."

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