Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Part 15

Isadora was outside with Quin. It was sundown, the sky stained a deep orange. They sipped on Rodku, a slightly bitter drink Quin had made, that had caused Isadora to cough and spew it all over the garden the day before. Now, though, she was thankful for the Rodku, for it was cold, and relieved her of some off the night's heat.
Jodra, Quin's sister, came out form the house to join them in the garden. Her long, pale hair tumbled down to her waist, and her eyes were a light, but intense blue. She was beautiful, Isadora thought. And she suddenly felt very self-conscious, being so near to such a girl when Quin sat on her other side. This feeling prickled her skin, and Isadora pinched herself to prevent goosebumps. She understood then, that she was becoming interested this boy. No, no. It cannot be. Ah..but it is. I am even jealous of his own sister. Oh, you lovesick fool! Rudolph is away for a week....in the clutches of a dragon, even! And you sit here and begin to like the only other boy around. Typical princess, typical you. You always fell for the nice-looking boys around the castle, and it just so happened one of them was Rudolph. You dishonor him by even thinking love thoughts towards Quin...after all that he has done for you. After all that he would give up to be with you. Grow up already, Isadora. The world is not as small as the castle. In this world you cannot be so easily infatuated, you must be smart...cautious. And you cannot disregard other people so easily. Remember that here, people can hurt you if you hurt them. You are not safe from this anymore, Princess. Focus on what you must do. Focus on Rudolph.
Isadora pressed the heels of her hands over her eyes, hard. She saw spots dancing around on her lids, and opened them. The swirls of color faded away, revealing Qun's handsome face. She could just make out the rough patches on his jaw, stubble growing in before the beard. He had last shaved two days ago. Isadora had watched him through the crack in the door as he stood in front of a mirror in his room and with a sharp blade.  Afterwards, he had rubbed pine oil on his face, and had smelled really nice all day...
Isadora let her thoughts become absorbed by Quin, sitting so close to her. No! Stop it, stop it! Rudolph! Think of Rudolph, he needs your help!
Quin looked over at Isadora, and her face warmed. She was very glad for the darkness that had descended upon them. She turned away, shame following her and wrapping itself around her body. She shuddered and did not allow herself to turn back towards him. I cannot be with him. I cannot...i cannot. I will leave in the morning. Before Quin and Jodra wake, I will go off to find Rudolph. If I spend one more day in this house, I fear I will never be able to leave. Quin and I...No. I will think nothing of it. I am being selfish. I have only know Quin a week...just a week. A week is nothing...nothing. Tomorrow...yes tomorrow I will leave.

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