Saturday, March 5, 2011

Part 5

Yes. This is what I wanted. But not like this. I didn't want everything to end up like this. It was a small comfort to herself that she felt guilty for making Rudolph join her on her journey of rebellion. And it had been a rebellion, she suddenly knew. She had left to spite her mother, who had never paid her a lick of attention, and who had made her the pampered burden she was today.
Isadora slumped down into the dust, leaning heavily against the cool rock on the campsite's enclosure. Regardless of how she had felt before Rudolph had been snatched, she now felt obligated to prove herself by saving him. Fresh guilt washed over her as she was exposed to her own selfishness, but she distracted herself by muttering, "He was taken only moments ago, if I hurry in the direction the Dragon flew, perhaps I can find Rudolph before sundown." She knew it was a silly notion, but the plan calmed her. She knew what she was going to.
And so, with a pack stuffed with one bedroll, a change of clothes, a water-skin, and as much food as she could bear the weight of, she began her walk. Little did the runaway Princess know, the journey would take her months away from home, and into the clutches of many enemies, and the arms of many a friend.

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