Friday, March 4, 2011

Poetry Phriday

WARNING: this poem is an oxymoron

Raccoons Like to Snuggle
A raccoon is a cute little snuggly bunny that has pointed teeth and a really, really triangular mouth.
They like to be walked on a leash, but they will eat the leash, or eat you if you try and walk them.
Like humans, they enjoy a good veggie-burger with some crisp bacon on the side. Also like humans, they like being walked. But do not try to walk them of course, because as mentioned previously, they will eat you.
There is a rare breed of raccoon that swims and has webbed toes. This odd creature is called a platypus. This creature has a flat, square nose, whereas raccoons have small cute button noses. Unlike a raccoon, a platypus does not like to be walked. Of course, no one has actually tried to walk a platypus...wait...someone has. They were eaten.

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