Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 4

Isadora was torn. She wanted to save Rudolph, her only friend, but was that worth her life? Yet what sort of life could she possibly have, roaming the woods alone, unable to care for herself? She ran toward Taliss, but her indecision had lasted a moment too long. The dragon took off, the sudden gust of wind, knocking Isadora off her feet. Isadora watched the shrinking figure of the dragon until she could no longer see the silhouette against the morning sun.
      Defeated, and with tears threatening to spill from her long-lashed eyes, Isadora turned back to what was left of their campsite. Covered in dust, a dead fire sat between two bedrolls, windswept but useable. Supplies were strewn around the clearing. What was to be their breakfast was nowhere to be found.
     Wonderful, I have extra supplies I can't carry, no food, and no way to get more food. How am I ever going to survive like this?
     Isadora slumped down, her head in her hands. Her clothes were ruined, but what did it matter? There was nowhere to go, no one to see. She had no obligations. Isn't this what she wanted?

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