Monday, March 21, 2011

Rudolph and Isadora, Part 20


I can see everything from here. I can see the entire forest, yet each leaf is clear. I bank in a wide arc, remembering a few days past, when those mere children tried to run from me. To think that they could be so hindered by a little dust and smoke. I smile as I glide on the wind. It is no matter - I have the boy now to keep me entertained. It was just in time, now that the older boy has lived through his use and is now performing me yet another service. If he were alive, he ought to feel glad to perform such a function as sustaining myself, the mighty one. Of course, if he was alive, he'd be quite uncomfortable by now. I laugh to myself. That girl won't last much longer though. Another outburst like today's, and I'm afraid she will have to join the boy. I dive, skimming the treetops and almost knocking out an eagle. I could swallow him in a bite, but I leave him to hunt another day. I am opposed to eating eagles, as they are hunters of the sky like myself. I am entertained by them - they are weaker than baby dragons, yet the are gracefully strong in their own way. I sigh. Entertainment, amusement - how has my life become about these things? I suppose when one has lived centuries and one's life has become so very easy, there is not much purpose anymore. There is a village in the distance. The villagers have never seen me, but there is are strong superstitions and people whisper of demons stealing cattle. Demons indeed! I am no demon. I am a magnificent beast. Still, I usually travel further for my food now. It does no good for one's reputation to be called a demon. And besides, I ought to give to villagers time to replenish their cattle. Spiraling upward, I scan the horizon. Ah! Dinner.

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