Thursday, March 3, 2011

Part 3

Too late, Isadora turned her head. Her golden locks raged around her face in the wild torrent of hot wind that pounded over her. Taliss landed, her talons scraping the ground and sending mounds of dirt spiraling on either side of her massive form. Isadora cried out for Rudolph, but he was pinned under Taliss, moaning as her hot scales grazed his bare arms, leaving his skin pink and raw. He turned his head to take in Isadora's  panicked face and began squirming under the dragon, fighting too get away. 
The wind settled down and Taliss licked her lips thoughtfully, staring at the girl. However, as she had just gorged herself on cattle from the neighboring farm, she decided that one human would do just fine. She wound her heavy tail around him and began beating her wings. Each beat threatened to knock Isadora down and sweep her away towards the trees, but she dug her heels in and buried her head in her hands. 
I have to do something, she thought desperately. What can I do? Oh, you useless, useless girl. Raised in a castle and never taught anything useful, never taught how to cook my own food, or start a fire....or dress myself. She felt her face flush a deep shade of pink. 

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