Sunday, March 13, 2011

Part 13

Rudolph was still startled as he sat down heavily. His fingers were clumsy as he began to undo his boot laces. Alisen fixed him with a bewildered stare as he slid off his right boot and started on the other. he knew he must look like a complete dolt, but she had asked him to help her after-all, and help was covered by his boots at the moment.
As he unlaced, Rudolph could not help but feel bewildered himself. he had traveled miles most likely, and in the clutches of a dragon, only to be deposited in a dark cave in the dead of night. He had been seemingly very alone, and now in the sudden presence of two other human beings, Rudolph felt lightheaded. His headache was pulsing with more intensity now, and he felt a line of sweat trickle down his back.
Finally throwing his other shoe off, he pulled free, from his leggings that had been covered by his stiff boots, two bundles of slightly mashed purple flowers.
When he had been very young, his mother had taught him the uses of the Chipka flower. It grew near stream banks, choking the native populations of Loki shrubs, and turned from a light pink to a rich purple in the Spring. His mother had pulled a bundle from her dress pocket and held it up in the light for him to see. "This here, my boy, this is the Chipka flower. it's deadly if ingested, so be wary. But when pounded with a rock, the juice cures a fever right quick. Just spread it on your forehead and it'll work its magic."
The young Rudolph had listened intently and hungrily. He loved when his mother shared with him the secrets of nature. Since that day, he had always carried with him a couple bundles of Chipka.
Alisen ripped him from this thoughts suddenly, "Hey, quit staring at those flowers and help him." She had seemed quite opposing before, with her straightforward words and her arms crossed stiffly. But now, Rudolph detected a hint of weakness in her eyes, and her arms, crossed so tightly across her middle, seemed to be there as to hold her together. As if to prove his belief, her voice cracked when she spoke again. "Please...please you have to help him. I...I love him. I love you, Willem."
Willem, in his fevered state, was barely able to look at her, though hot tears spilled down his ruddy cheeks. "I love you too, Alisen", he managed quietly, his throat scraping painfully over the sweet words. Rudoplh felt his cheeks burning. He felt he was intruding, yet he could not stop watching them watch each other. And he could not keep thoughts of Isadora from entering him mind.

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